In addition to the wide number of Carrollian references in modern SF and fantasy, as mentioned above, many mystery and horror writers have also included Carrollian characters or Carroll himself into their stories. Below is a list of novels, novellas and short stories (in alphabetical order by author) which are related, in part or in whole, to Carroll and/or his fictional work. Synopses will eventually be added, and additional entries are always welcome.

Short Stories

"The Jabberwocky Thrust." Grant, Maxwell (1947)
When a murdered man is discovered next to an open copy of Alice in Wonderland, detectives must use Carroll's nonsense poem "Jabberwocky" to find the murderer.
"Mimsy were the Borogoves." Padgett, Lewis
The words of Jabberwocky turn out to be symbols from a future language, explaining how to enter a four-dimensional continuum.
"For the Snark WAS a Boojum, You See." Stead, Roy (1990)
A man answering an unusual ad to "Make Your Dreams Come True" has a horrifying brush with a Boojum.
Blood Runs Cold. Bloch, Robert (1953)
Contains the short story "All on a Golden Afternoon," a fantasy concerning dreams and Wonderland.


Night of the Jabberwock. Brown, Fredric (William Morrow & Co, 1984)
An enthusiastic Carrollian discovers through a group of admirers known as the Vorpal Blades that Carroll's stories are not fiction at all, but realistic descriptions about another plane of existence.
Little, Big. Crowley, John (Published by Bantam Doubleday Dell, 1994)
A modern variation of Carroll's book Sylvie and Bruno. Smoky Barnable, a man forever haunted by his own anonymity, enters a fantastic world of Victorian architecture, memory gardens, and speaking trout when he marries Daily Alice and becomes part of the Tale that will change this world. This is a beautifully lyrical book, where elves are carefully photographed, where reborn heroes run for political office, and where a battered deck of cards predicts the rebirth of Fairy.
Black Alice. Disch, Thomas and Sladek, John (Carroll & Graf, 1989 - Out of Stock Indefinitely)
Gods of Riverworld. Farmer, Philip José (Ace Books, 1987)
The Magic Labyrinth. Farmer, Philip José (Ace Books, 1987)
The fifth and sixth books in the Riverworld series. Alice Liddell, assisted by her memories of Carroll, helps avert a disaster that threatens to destroy every human being that ever lived, now reconstituted and moved to a fabulous planet known as the Riverworld.
Number of the Beast. Heinlein, Robert A. (Fawcett G.M. Books, 1980)
Under attack from mysterious aliens who want their continua craft, a quartet of brilliant, decidedly sensual characters begin an incredible adventure through the Multiverse, including stops in the Land of Oz and Wonderland.
Take Back Plenty. Greenland, Colin
Seasons of Plenty. Greenland, Colin
Alice's World. Lundwall, Sam J. (Ace Books, 1971)
Automated Alice. Noon, Jeff (Crown Publishers, 1996)
A charmingly urban retelling of Alice in Wonderland, set against the postmodern, alternative background of 1998 Manchester. On a dull and rainy afternoon, depserate to avoid the question of ellipses (on which her Great Aunt Ermintrude is sure to test her this afternoon!) Alice wonders instead about the twelve pieces missing from her jigsaw puzzle of the London Zoo. When her Great Aunt's parrot, Whippoorwill, gets loose, Alice pursues him into the workings of a grandfather clock and emerges in the Manchester of 1998 -- a world of automated wonders and inspired nonsense with a distinctly nineteenth-century flavor.
Expiration Date. Powers, Tim (Tor Books, 1996)
In the gritty underworld of a select group of Southern California addicts, the unusual wrinkle in their addiction is that their drugs of choice are ghosts. In Powers' scenario, the lives of disembodied spirits can be extended indefinitely when they are inhaled, and such spirits are prized collector's items for LA hobo and sometime spirit dealer Sherman Oaks. When runaway preteen Kootie Parganas accidentally sniffs an uncorked test tube found inside a bust of Dante, he not only finds himself haunted by memories of another life, but discovers that his parents have been brutally murdered and their killer -- Oaks -- is now out after him. Fortunately for Kootie, the spirit he has inhaled is that of Thomas Edison, who, even as a spook, still has plenty of brainstorms left in his arsenal. Has quotes from WONDERLAND and LOOKING GLASS before each chapter, and references to the works in Chs. 5, 26 and possibly elsewhere.
Sherlock Holmes in Orbit. Resnick, Mike and Greenberg, Martin H. (Eds.)
Authorized by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's estate, this collection of 26 Sherlock Holmes stories takes place in Holmes' own era, in our present time, and in the future. Three tales also involve Lewis Carroll and/or Alice: "The Case of the Detective's Smile," "The Mouse and the Master" (a brief mention of Lewis Carroll), and "Alimentary, My Dear Watson," (contains inaccuracies such as Alice Liddell being Carroll's niece).
Fantastic Alice. Weis, Margaret (Ed.) (Ace Books, 1995)
A compilation of original adventures featuring Lewis Carroll's Alice. Alice is taken on journeys beyond imagination to different eras and different worlds, from her adventures in the underground railroad to her encounters with the inner rabbit, by a talented group of fantasy's top authors including Jodi Lynn Nye, Peter Crowther, and Lawrence Watt-Evans.
Sign of Chaos. Zelazny, Roger
Part of Zelazney's Amber series, Signs of Chaos includes characters from Wonderland.

Short Stories/Novels with Carroll-Inspired Titles

The Caterpillar's Question. Anthony, Piers and Farmer, Philip José (Ace Books, 1995)
En route to a special clinic across the country, mute and physically handicapped Tappy Concord persuades her driver, struggling art student Jack, to take a detour to a world tyrannized by an all-powerful galactic empire. Only one force can overcome this enemy -- the Imago, an immortal spirit of immense power. Anyone, anything, anywhere can be the Imago -- even a crippled little girl. The Imago has brought Jack from modern-day America to do battle for the soul of the universe.
The Sea is Boiling Hot. Bamber, George
Ellison Wonderland. Ellison, Harlan (Bluejay, 1984 -- Out of Print)
An early and excellent collection of Harlan Ellison's stories.
Alice in Quantumland. Gilmore, Robert - Nonfiction
A physics textbook in Wonderland guise, the author calls it "an allegory of Quantum Physics." It explains physics using Alice and Wonderlandesque characters.
The Jaws That Bite, The Claws That Catch. O'Donnell, Jr., Kevin
"With Thimbles, with Forks, with Hope," Wilheim, Kate (from A Flush of Shadows, Crest, 1996)
This five-star collection featuring the husband and wife detective team of Constance Leidl and Charlie Mieklejohn, includes "With Thimbles, with Forks, and Hope," the first appearance of the duo; "Torch Song," the harrowing account of an arsonist bent on revenge; "All for One," a tale of murderous family relations; "Sister Angel" and "The Gorgon Field."

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