Melanie Fletcher is an expatriate Chicagoan who currently lives in North Dallas with her husband the Bodacious Brit™ and their five fabulous furbags JJ, Jessica, Jeremy, Jemma, and Jasmine (yes, they were following a theme, moving along now).

When not herding cats, she turns into SF Writer Girl, and has the SFWA membership card to prove it. Her fiction can be found in a variety of anthologies and online zines -- if you're interested, her complete bibliography is over here. And while it's seriously overdue for another episode, she also maintains an extremely tongue-in-cheek cyberpunk serial on this site called Hoosier Red. In related activities, she fences with the SFWA Musketeers and performs with the Feral Chihuahuas in Yard Dog Press Road Shows at SF conventions around the country.

But wait -- she doesn't just write specfic. She also works as a technical writer, web designer and graphic artist, and produces the comedy podcast Don't Quit Your Day Job: The Podcast with Jerry J. Davis, Patrick Gaik and Stacy the News Girl. In fact, if you want to tally up all the things Melanie can do, she can:

  • write
  • edit
  • paint
  • sing
  • dance
  • act
  • fence
  • play a number of instruments
  • build dollhouses
  • knit and crochet
  • quilt
  • do needlepoint, cross stitch and crewelwork
  • moderate panels
  • edit podcasts and videocasts
  • fix cars
  • perform simple plumbing and electrical work
  • perform somewhat more complex carpentry
  • make a damn good deep dish pizza from scratch
  • marry people.

When she refers to herself as a Renaissance Broad, she's not kidding.

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