This morning’s weigh-in: 326.8.
Total pounds lost: 4.4

So I’ve been following a metabolic confusion eating plan for seven days, now (MWFSu are fat days, TThSa are carb days). Still not having a problem with it, still eating plenty and not feeling hungry or anything, and according to the scale I’ve lost about four and a half pounds, which is actually pretty damned good for a week.

I’ll be honest, this sort of thing has failed so many times before that I’m kinda afraid to plan ahead or hope. I’m trying to just kinda glance at it out of the corner of my eye and focus on getting a couple of books out in the next few months. I think I’ll have a better handle on how it’s working by August 6th, which will be the end of week three and when I usually see any weight loss slowing down, stopping, or even reversing.

I feel good, though. A little more flexible, a little more mobile. Which is really all that matters in the end.