This morning’s weigh-in: 329.2.
Total pounds lost: 2

Yup, I gained some weight. But that’s not surprising because my period is supposed to start tomorrow (whether or not it actually does is a complete gamble at this point as I’m perimenopausal and my last period was on 5/5/20) and I’m currently bloating like a sick camel. I’d actually gotten down to 326.4 on 7/25 (probably would have been 325.8 but I lost my bottle of Synthroid and had to go without it for a day and a half) so I know full well this is at least three pounds of water weight. I’m squishy, people.

Which is annoying, but I know it’ll come off in a week or so. I’m going to stick to the eating plan because it got me back into the twenties and would have gone even lower if the Synthroid loss/hormone storm hadn’t collided at the precise wrong time. My only real problem at the moment is that I haven’t been eating enough on either the carbs or fats days. I already know I start doing this subconsciously when I lose weight in order to speed up the process, even though it actually stalls me out. Yes, calorie cycling is a good idea along with macro cycling, but you still need to eat enough in order to make that work, and I simply haven’t.

So today I’m going to stodge out on guacamole, egg scrambles, tarragon chicken salad with additional spinach, garlic lemon cod cooked in butter with green beans, and slices of hard salami and smoked kielbasa as snacks, and go for a swim after dinner. My life, it’s so hard.