This morning’s weigh-in: 327.0.
Total pounds lost: 4.2

Huh. So yesterday was a carbs day, but it was also a moderate clusterfuck of a birthday so I didn’t indulge much past a medium chocolate milkshake from Braum’s (and that was mainly for the PMS that had hit like a bitch mid-afternoon). Usually I go up after a carbs day, but today I went down. Don’t ask me why, it’s a mystery.

I’m also retaining at least three pounds of water (I can tell when my tummy gets super squishy and my face bloats up), so I’m guessing the actual weight loss has continued under the water retention. The interesting thing will be this Friday, when I have to go in to have some labs done for my six-month checkup. Granted, I’ve only been on this eating plan for two weeks, but I’d like to see if there’s any difference in my vitals (my triglycerides in particular) between February and now.

The PA I talked to during my televisit today also wants to bump my BP meds up a touch as I’m just over the border where they’d like to see me. As I had to use the BP measurement they took when I visited the dentist back in May (we have one of those sleeve units, but they do not work well on large women with bingo wings), that might be off, I dunno. I’ve ordered a blood pressure cuff so that I can check it accurately on a daily basis — if I start acting like a perseverating chimp, we can back off on the BP med dosage.

Also, isn’t EVERYONE’S blood pressure high right now? I mean, we’re living in a hellscape, so…