This morning’s weigh-in: 326.0.
Total pounds lost: 5.2

Expected, since yesterday was a fats day, but still gratifying. And if I’m carrying three pounds of water weight as I suspect, my real weight is 323, which is what I assumed it would be by this point. The water weight should come off once the period is over next week, please God, as things go back to normal.

That being said, this is the two week point of this experiment, and so far I’ve been able to keep it up quite easily with regular food, haven’t blown the food budget, haven’t been hungry, and it does seem to be working. What will be interesting to see is what happens by August 13, which will be the one month period. If the weight loss continues at its current rate, I should be somewhere around 315 by that time.

I’m almost hesitant to hope after so many failed diets and weight loss attempts. But if that happens, that means the weight lost is pretty much consistent, which means I’ll drop below 300 on or around September 9. At which point I will feel comfortable contacting my chosen orthopedic surgeon and saying, “Yup, let’s get this knee replaced.” And the nice thing about this eating plan is that I can stick to it easily while I’m healing up from the surgery (in fact, I plan on stocking the fridge with pre-cooked dinners so that Lyndon can just pull out what’s needed and reheat it).

My God, I may actually be walking normally by October. Wouldn’t that be nice?