This morning’s weigh-in: 328.0.
Total pounds lost: 3.2

I had hoped that by now I would be 319.2 pounds. But I am not worried. Why? Because:

  1. I am perimenopausal, which means my period comes whenever it damn well feels like it, including five days after it was supposed to start. Any water I retained during the run-up? Still there.
  2. My period started (kinda) yesterday. This may be the lightest Shark Week in the history of menstruation.
  3. Despite the lightness of Aunt Flo, my fucking hormones are pulling their usual shit and I’m retaining between 3-5 pounds of water, possibly more, judging by how big and tight my abdomen is, how bloated my face and limbs are, and how badly my joints hurt. Which means:
  4. In reality I weigh either 325 or 323 pounds, depending on the amount of retained water. I’m happy to split the difference and call it 324.

The important thing is, I haven’t gone back up over 330. I’ve been swimming every other day, and sticking to the eating plan very easily (although I have to be careful not to go too low on calories on fats days. It’s ironic that for a fat woman I often forget to eat or don’t feel like it). Metabolic confusion is still working — it’s just being borked a bit by hormonal confusion. (I mean, why, ovaries? I’m not having kids, you KNOW I’m not having kids, so why not just shut down and give me a break?)

In other news I’ve cleaned off our patio and have been writing out there in the mornings while the temp is still reasonable, which has done wonders for my productivity. Just being able to go out somewhere has been wonderful.