This morning’s weigh-in: 326.6.
Total pounds lost: 4.6

Sooooo, my period never really showed up despite a few hints that it would, but all of the effects did for well over ten days, whee. Last Friday I finally said, ‘Fuck this noise, I’m using the progesterone cream again.”

Et voila, things settled down and the water weight started coming off. I was really hoping to be a lot lower by this point, but to be perfectly honest as long as my malfunctioning cystic ovaries are still spitting out hormones I’m going to run into these road blocks. It is what it is.

I’m continuing the eating plan — I can tell it works. And I’ll just have to allow that for 10-14 days every month my body will do its absolute best to fuck me over until my ovaries finally give up and shut down as God intended.

The annoying thing is, I’ve been swimming every other day, and I’m adding in treadmill time today (I need to get some leg strength back). You would think that would have a positive effect on water retention since doctors always tell you, “Moderate exercise helps your body release retained water and reduce bloating.” Maybe for other people, but not for me.