This weekend I attended the last ever ConDFW, one of the excellent literary SF conventions in the DFW area. I’ve been an attendee and panelist since it first started in 2001, and I’ve followed it through four hotel changes and some absolutely amazing GOHs. This year’s guests were Charlaine Harris, whom I had the pleasure of interviewing on Saturday, and Yoon Ha Lee, who was interviewed by my friend and fellow Future Classic Michelle Muenzler.

For me, the con went out on a Queen of the Night-worthy high note. I hit a new personal best of moderating nine panels over a weekend (seven in one day), the interview with Charlaine went incredibly well and the audience enjoyed it, and I made a tidy sum in the dealer’s room thanks to a generous donation of a table by Gloria Oliver. Even better, I came home energized and pumped on a number of fronts, both creative and promotional, and tomorrow I’m going to get stuck back into writing with a vengeance.

My thanks go out to Dan Robb and his amazing troupe of department heads, volunteers, and everyone who has made this con run like clockwork over the last eighteen years. Y’all have done yeoman work with ConDFW, and will now get your well-deserved break.