Because I’m a glutton for punishment, I not only have three novels and one novella in progress at the moment (all of them for my Nicola M. Cameron SF/fantasy/paranormal romance line), I’m also editing my first full-length novel to be published under my own name, A Most Malicious Murder (aka Edgar Allan Poe and Lewis Carroll team up to solve a murder in 1851 Oxford).

Granted, MMM has been in progress for about ten years, ever since I saw Jeffrey Combs’s one-man play Nevermore, and finished for about eight of those years, but I’m finally at the point where all I need to do is give it a good whack or two with the editorial machete, have my regular editor check it to make sure I haven’t screwed up anything, and it’ll be ready for release.

I hope. We’ll see.

At right, BTW, is the draft cover. Once I get the text done and off to the editor, it’ll be time to buy all the requisite images and do the final version. Oh, this is gonna be fun