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Reviews have started trickling in for A Most Malicious Murder, thank you kindly, and one of them asked a question — “Dare we hope for a sequel?”

Part of me is looking at my collection of ongoing romance series patiently waiting for new volumes and whimpering. Part of me is saying, “Well, if there’s interest…”

So here’s the deal. I do have a vague idea of a sequel set in Richmond, VA, and I will write it IF I sell 250 copies of A Most Malicious Murder. I have currently sold 35 copies (which is not bad for the first week, seeing as I’m a newbie in the field). Once the counter ticks over to 250, I’ll get the sequel started. If you enjoyed AMMM and want to see the continuing adventures of Eddy and Charles, leave reviews for the book at your favorite online bookseller, talk it up to your friends, mention it to podcasters who love true crime and historical fiction (thanks, Rachel!) and help me sell the dickens out of this book.

In other publishing news, the proof for the print version of AMMM arrived yesterday. Apart from a goof on the title page it looked great, so I uploaded the corrected version and pulled the trigger. As of this morning it is now available for purchase, so if you prefer print to ebook I’ve got you covered.

And as the weather here in the clavicle of Texas is downright balmy today, I’m about to move my laptop out to the patio and do some more work in the sunshine, tra la.