And that is to post here more regularly. Granted, most of my writing these days is as Nicola M. Cameron but I can still talk about other things like cover design, quilting, my insane cats, et al. And who knows—maybe I’ll find a shred of time somewhere and finally write some more science fiction under my own name. I have novel ideas ready to go, but at this moment the romance is more profitable and I’m trying to get us to the point where the Brit can retire and I can cover the bills with my writing.

Anyway, 2023—J.J. is still alive, which astounds me since he turned 21 in December. He has kitty dementia, is slightly deaf and blind, and tends to leave poop and pee in inappropriate places (on the floor in the bathroom, in his bed, etc.). But he still gets around, eats and drinks consistently, and loves to be cuddled. As long as he’s not showing signs of distress or pain, then we’ll just sigh and clean up after him. My sister commented, “He’s eternal—it’ll be him, Keith Richards, and Willie Nelson wandering the land after mankind falls to its doom.”

She may have a point there.

Other items of interest: the rest of the J Crew are all well, I spent much of December quilting my ass off (I now have two completed baby quilts, a twin quilt top for my niece, and a queen quilt that I’m piecing at the moment), the treadmill motor finally died after nineteen years so I’m walking laps around the downstairs, the new knee (got a Total Knee Replacement on ShitKnee in April) continues to heal and it is SO lovely to be able to walk without limping, the Brit is still in his contract job and is happily rebuilding antique computers as a hobby, and everything seems to be pretty good as of the start of 2023. I would like more money, of course, but that’s par for the course and I’ll be working on that this year, and I’m really hoping we can do some traveling in 2023. If nothing else, I’d love to be able to send the Brit home for a week or two so that he can see his family.

Which means I have to write more and sell more books. I can do that.