Sooooo … I may have another project. My chair in the living room is currently unusable, mainly because the seat sags so badly when I sit in it that the front edge starts cutting into the underside of my thighs.

Thing is, I loved that chair. I got it from one of those cheapo “furniture sale” places that set up in old stores and flog floor samples and whatnot. This chair cost a skosh under $200 and was sooooooo comfortable for so long.

And then we got the Girls, and Jessie started peeing on everything in order to show Jasmine who was boss, and I had to haul the damn thing outside more than once to hose it down and hit it with enzyme cleaner in order to get rid of the pee smell. I suspect that with all of those washings the webbing that supports the seat stretched or might even have dissolved for all I know.

Long story short, I haven’t been able to sit in the living room for well over a year because of this (the futon belongs to the cat, and the couch is not what I call comfortable), and I would like to be able to do that because it’s my damn living room and I’d like to watch movies on the big screen TV instead of my laptop. So…

*touches fingertips together* How crazy would it be for me to take a crack at reupholstering this chair? I know the basics, I’ve reupholstered kitchen chairs before, I have powered staplers and the assorted tools necessary for reupholstering, and I know where to get discounted fabric on Harry Hines (I think a nice denim in red would work well and discourage the cats from sharpening their claws on it). It would be quite the project and would probably cost about $140, but considering that 1) it would cost me at least $300 to find another chair that I liked, and 2) I like doing this sort of thing, I may take a crack at it in February.