Look, I’m a Democrat. Anyone who knows me should know this, I’m not going to change, don’t try proselytizing about one of the other parties and we’ll be fine.

But we literally finished the last election two months ago and already I got a breathless email from the DCCC screaming that ALL THESE DEMS ARE IN DANGER FOR THE SENATE AND WE MUST FLIP THE HOUSE!!!!! RUSH A DONATION TODAY!!!!

Really? Really, motherf*&^%*^%? The next election isn’t going to happen for another goddamn *checks calendar* 22 months and the moneygrubbing has already begun?

I don’t donate to the DCCC, by the way. I donate directly to candidates I like because this kind of behavior annoys the living shit out of me, especially when Dems screw up like they did in NY and lost the House because they thought they had a lock and didn’t have to campaign. That’s how we wound up with George Santos or whoever the fuck he is.

Anyhoo, looks like I’ll need to start sending all of the political begging letters directly to Trash again, tra la…