I have been, shall we say, derelict with the cleaning of the house for the past couple of weeks, mainly because I’m trying to finish this dratted novella and the rest of the time I freely admit I’ve been sewing something.

But when the dust rhinos come out from under the foyer table and start nipping at your toes you know it’s time to break out the vacuum and go medieval on those suckers. I figure I’ll spend the weekend deep cleaning the guest room as well and getting all the bedding put away in the closet (if we keep it on the bed Jeremy turns everything orange within a week with his fur. I have no idea how one cat can produce so much fur but he manages), as it’s starting to look like we may have guests this spring, yay!

Going back to sewing, I finally got the buttons for the denim jean jacket (they’re little fleur de lis buttons to match the embroidery on the jacket) and I pulled out the yard of double-sided quilted material that’s been in my closet for yonks in preparation for turning it into a Kitchenaid stand mixer cover. Of course, once I get that done I’ll need to find some complimentary fabric so that I can make a coordinating cover for the food processor. And before you laugh, both utensils tend to gather a lot of dust and I’d like to keep them as clean as possible so covers are a damned good idea. I’ll post pic once everything is done.