Apparently someone asked the Bodacious Brit this morning on a business call if Dallas was handling the snow well. “What snow?” he asked, bewildered. It’s raining here today, yes, and the temperature is starting to drop, but the only snow we’ll see are a couple of possible flurries between 7 and 9 PM before the precipitation stops. And it’s going to be 48°F tomorrow, and the ground is too warm for anything to accumulate anyway so we’re fine.

Parts of Arkansas, on the other hand, are supposed to get whacked by Snowmageddon today. I’ve got family up in Mountain Home who are looking at a possible 9 inches of heavy, wet stuff, which is problematic because one family member requires home care and this will make that challenging. So for all of you in Arkansas, I hope that you’re all stocked up and staying home warm, dry, and safe.

As for me, I made two store runs this morning, took Jessie to the vet for her shots, then went back to the store for additional items for dinner (shepherd’s pie, perfect for the weather and it gives us lunch for tomorrow). Grandma here is now inside for the rest of the night, tra la.