The Brit had headed off for his weeky D&D game and I was sewing and listening to episodes of Pod is my Copilot, as you do, when Taylor mentioned the training he was doing for a 5K and how much walking he had been doing.

And suddenly I got the strongest urge to go for a walk. So I got up, put on my Skechers, plugged in my earbuds and walked around the block. Now, these are suburban blocks so they’re not quite as big as city blocks but they’re still sizeable and it took me eighteen minutes to make a full circult of the block.

Allow me to point out that when I was walking on the treadmill before the motor went boom I used to hang onto the handrails (because I’m still a little scared of falling and because I’m kind of lazy, don’t @ me). But yesterday was real world walking where I had to control my core and stand up straight as I strode along the extremely uneven sidewalk. And I did it. I was sweating by the time I got home and the muscles around my new knee were complaining like anything but by God I did it.

I want to get to the point where I can walk anywhere without limping or being exhausted or in pain. So if walking around the block every day will get me there, by God I’ll do it.