Well, not exactly new—I’ve had this Mexican Holidays wall hanging top finished for months, and I’d even started quilting it until I noticed that the backing was crooked. Being the OCD crafter that I am, I ripped out all the seams, straightened the backing and resandwiched it with the batting and top, and basted it again.

As of last night I used stitch in the ditch to quilt any straight lines, stipple quilted the bulk of the border, freehand quilted the center motif, and I’ll be adding outlining, hearts, and vines to the other pieces of the quilt next week. I would say tomorrow, but tomorrow will be dedicated to putting together the tax paperwork for our accountant. I’ve already told the Brit that he’s taking me out to dinner afterwards and he’s driving because I will need a margarita by then. He said, “It’s a deal.” Smart man.

No, we’re not watching the Super Bowl. If the Bears aren’t playing I don’t care.

In other news I’m playing around with doing a serial book on Kindle Vella, but I would need a lot of lead time for that because I have so many Nicola books to finish first. Can’t promise anything, but it would most likely be some kind of caper romp in space. Because that’s just how I roll.