Much to my surprise I got a text from the accountant this morning saying that the tax return was ready and I could go back out there to sign it and pay for the service. So I did, which completes my scheduled road trips out to the back of beyond.

Unsurprisingly our return was minimal (mainly due to the money we took out of the IRA for my knee surgery) but at least it was a return and pretty much covers the CPA fee so I’m grateful for small favors. Another writer I know said that she owes big time this year, so not going to complain.

In other news we have a medium-high pollen count here in the clavicle of Texas at the moment and one of the biggest offenders is cedar, which is absolutely kicking my ass. I was sitting here earlier trying to write and the screen was blurring so badly I had to go lie down and hope that my eyes would get it together long enough for me to get my word quota done. My sinuses are also aching and I need to puck up some more lotradine, which works for short periods for me.

The worst part, however, is the gummy head. I know I have a bunch of stuff to get finished this week, as well as a bunch of stuff that needs to be done over the weekend, and it feels like I’m trying to think with a saturated kitchen sink sponge. No bueno. On the upside, however, I got the rest of these sunflower motifs cut free from their surrounds (a LOT of work with a seam ripper) so I can finish this quilt top by next week, hopefully.