And I’m pretty sure this is due to some hellacious allergens out there at the moment since other people in the metroplex are complaining and I’m not showing symptoms of anything else. I do feel completely wiped out, however, and the Brit said I was somewhat hot and not in the sexy way.

So basically I slept in, then when I did get up (because unless I am just this side of Death’s door I can’t stay in bed any longer than ten hours) I relaxed for the rest of the day while the Brit headed off to his D&D game. I didn’t even install the new piston in the main bathroom toilet yet. And yes, it’s called a piston—it’s a Kohler toilet with complicated flushing dingies but they laaaaaaast. The piston will literally take a minute to install, but I want a clear head to do this (and to not feel like passing out if I’m bent over for longer than thirty seconds).

I’m hoping that this will clear up by tomorrow because 1) I have stuff to do and 2) the weather for next week is literally going to go up and down thirty degrees over a handful of days, plus there will be A Lot of Rain. I would prefer it if my sinuses were behaving themselves while all that nonsense is going on.