Now I have an idea for a short story that came to me while I was crouched over the back of my futon for five minutes holding a water bowl so that J.J. could drink from it undisturbed.

If all humans were gone, what would AI make of cats? It’s something to consider.

In other news I have moved into Phase 2 of Operation Finish All The Projects in 2023. This involves pulling out the makings for a project that I never started and, well, starting it. The first project of Phase 2 is Arkansas Rainbow, a Log Cabin wall hanging made from batik fat quarters I’d picked up at an antique store while visiting my aunt and cousins last November. While cutting everything out I realized that I’d inadvertently picked up almost all the colors of the rainbow (the only one missing was orange).

If there’s one thing I have a ton of, it’s batiks. So I found a sizeable piece of orange batik and sliced it up into 1.5″ strips, then started sewing together the Log Cabin squares (with the traditional red center square, of course). To my delight I also found an old pack of blender fat quarters in different rainbow colors that I can use as the border, plus I still have a buttload of white-on-white fabric for lattices.

So far the squares are super pretty, and if this turns out as nice as I think it will I’m going to hang it in our bedroom. There’s a space on Lyndon’s side of the room that’s empty and one of my wall hangings would fill it perfectly.