I’m not feeling all that great today (body aches, intermittent fever, and slight dizziness due to clogged ears—no head or chest congestion/coughing, though, and the COVID test was negative so it’s most likely an allergic reaction to all the tree sex out there), J.J. is definitely not doing all that well, and I just kinda want to crawl into bed and sleep. Or cry.

But I can’t because I have an elderly cat to tend to, so I got up and washed his bedding, washed him, popped him with some sub-q, held a bowl so that he could slurp up some water (one thing that hasn’t changed—this cat loves water and will drink at any opportunity), tried to get him to eat something (no dice on that front), then propped him up where he could see me while I did dishes. I keep wondering if this is it and he’s reached the end, but he still tries to get up on his own, still loves drinking water, and his tail flicks like a metronome. We’re going to see how he does tomorrow, and if he hasn’t improved I’ll call Dr. Crigger and make an appointment to have him evaluated and see what we should do next.