J.J. had a lot of water this morning, two tbsp of Fancy Feast kibble, and a skosh over 100 ml of sub-q fluid, at which point he got super wiggly and wanted down, please.

Curious, I unhooked him and carefully put him on the carpet. He staggered about six feet, then fell over. I grabbed a tea towel and put it around him like a sling then let him guide me where he wanted to go.

The food bowls. Message received. He wasn’t happy with the usual mix so I put him back on the couch and gave him another tbsp of Fancy Feast and another drink of water, after which he passed out hard for four hours, which is unsurprising considering that he just did his first session of PT, essentially.

He woke up about ten minutes ago and polished off another tbsp of Fancy Feast followed with water. More importantly, he rolled onto his side under his own power so that I could stick the bowls under his mouth instead of having to hold them for him, and now he’s looking out the window at the rain and digesting. I’m considering this time to be a gift—as long as he’s comfortable and happy, that’s all that matters.

In other amusing news we got a tube of lube (get your mind out of the gutter, that’s my reserved table) for the treadmill and I spent about ten minutes loosening the belt, cleaning off the old lube on the deck with paper towels, re-greasing the deck, retightening everything and then walking on the running treadmill for a bit to spread the lube around.

One of the interesting things I found while cleaning the deck: a long black vibrissae, aka a cat whisker. Jeremy, Jasmine, and Jessica are clear because their whiskers are white and J.J. still has some black whiskers but doesn’t go anywhere near the treadmill anymore. I’m guessing this is a Jemma whisker since she likes to nap on the deck. Silly tortie.