Warning: kitty poop ahead.

Unfortunately since the Elderly Gentleman is in end-stage kidney failure he’s very dry most of the time, despite my best attempts to keep him hydrated with sub-q fluids.

Which is how he wound up constipated yesterday. So he got a couple of warm water enemas and managed to evacuate some good chunks of poop. We have the medical enemas but I’m kind of nervous about using them because they pull water out of his system to loosen up his stools and he doesn’t HAVE a lot of water in his system. Luckily he tolerates the warm water type well and seems relieved once everything is out, but today I’m going to get him some HydraCare (aka kitty Gatorade) which he likes and should help keep him lubricated.

Oh, and here’s the promised picture of the Arkansas Rainbow wall hanging top (the borders are blender colors I had in my stash). I’ll see about getting it quilted this weekend.