Oof. It’s a temporary thing—the temps tomorrow will be down in the low 80s, and will drop further into the 60s/70s for the rest of the week with some rain thrown in for good measure. But I had to turn the upstairs AC on today just so that we didn’t roast in our offices.

I also went out to water the garden (dunno why, it got an absolutely thorough soaking on Sunday but I like to check on the new lantana and see how it’s doing) and found two gouges in the mulch of the memorial corner. To be blunt, I’m guessing that certain smells are coming up through the dirt and any local carrion eaters (and we do have them) are trying to get at the source. Unfortunately for them, the source is buried a good two feet below the surface and has a big whacking azalea planted on top so they’re SOL. So I patted the mulch back into the gouges and I’ll keep an eye on it over the next few days. While I like the idea of J.J.’s body gently decomposing and feeding the azalea bush and the surrounding greenery, I don’t want some damned vulture trying to dig him up as a snack. I do have a perfectly good carbon steel and properly sharpened gladius and I’m not afraid to use it.