I’m currently sitting in the library writing this with my left hand pinned to the keyboard because Jasmine is sprawled on it while she purrs and headbutts my left boob for scritches (which I do give her in between bursts of typing).

I could go upstairs and work in the office, of course, but this one is the skittiest of all the J Crew and really needs more assurance than the others. She’s taken to hiding under the bed at night and we don’t realize she’s in the room until I get up in the morning and she’s waiting at the door. I open it and she zips through like all the hounds of hell are after her. Or she’s hungry, I’m not sure.

She’s now shifted and is curled up next to the laptop with her head on the side of the laptop, her back braced against my arm, and my purse protecting her from any surprise attacks by the Orange One (who, to be honest, does enjoy stalking all the girls from time to time. Jessie smacks him, Jemma rolls onto her back and growls, but Jasmine is the one who starts shrieking, fear peeing, and doing her best to get away from him which just makes him chase after her more. I’m not sure what that says about male cat psychology but I’d rather have her half-sprawled on my arm than being chased by Jeremy.