Since I shut down my Etsy store I really do need to set up a section here for Belaurient Arts where I can sell jewelry. In any case I finished setting the stones, cleaning up the bezels, and polishing the pendants today. Considering that I haven’t done any bench work for at least a year I’m really pleased with how these turned out.

The rutilated quartz on the left is for a giveaway Nicola will be running this weekend (this kind of quartz has a starring role in one of the most recent releases so I thought making a pendant out of it would be a nice giveaway prize). The giveaway will be open to anyone who joins Nicola’s reader group on FB (The Cameron Club) or subscribes to her newsletter, so if you want a crack at winning this piece feel free to join either or both groups.

To my surprise the polished ammonite pendant has already been sold. I’d originally made it for myself, but when I posted these pics on FB a friend said, “Ooh, can you make me one?” Since I’m pretty sure I can pick up more of these ammonite slices I decided to sell this pendant to her.

The ornate spoon end set with peridots is one of those super Boho pieces that has a deliciously funky feel to it. Or maybe that’s just the weight of the thing—this piece has some serious heft to it. The pendant is available for $35, and a sterling chain in your choice of length is $10 extra.

So, yeah, the bench is now rechristened and ready to go. I’m going to take a crack at making some garnet and silver earrings next, and I want to go back to making some of my Victorian settings again with all of the scrollwork and curliques. It’s a PITA to do but the result is so incredibly pretty.