There’s a short story I want to take a crack at writing this weekend (if I can find the time between working on the Nicola WIPs, doing promo, cleaning, making jewelry, and keeping the J Crew entertained). I have the shape of it in my head, and I think I have the chops to pull it off. We’ll see—if nothing else, my writer’s group will be happy that I’m finally submitting something for them to crit.

There is just so much on my plate at the moment. I’m juggling being an indie author with all the hats I have to wear in that business, a jewelry designer (don’t judge—my sterling silver jewelry brings in decent money and it gives me a break from the writing), and managing everything in the house and, yeah, it can be a challenge at times.

But I could also be stuck in an office job that I loathed and dealing with a micromanaging boss. So I’m looking on the bright side here and reminding myself to schedule a little free time in between everything else.

Speaking of the jewelry, I now have a placeholder page here where I’ll be putting new pieces as I get them. If I’m correct I can add a Buy Now button to each piece that will take people to PayPal where they can purchase the piece with their PP account or a credit card. At some point I’ll probably want to look at PayHip or one of the assorted storefront apps so that I can sell jewelry and signed books, but that will be at some point down the line.