As part of Operation Finish All The Projects in 2023, I have been tackling the craft room over the last few weeks and working on cleaning/organizing it to the best of my ability. The original plan was that Lyndon and I would use it for our respective crafts, but over the years it has turned into a store room for various computer bits and pieces and a place where he would work on his vintage computers. There are so many computer cases, monitors, keyboards, boxes of circuit boards, et al piled in there that I couldn’t get to my dollhouse table or my storage shelving units.

Until today. I intend to keep working on it when Himself is off playing D&D, but I got the bulk of the stuff off the floor and I now have access to my table and two of my shelving units with partial access to a third. Plus I vacuumed and shampooed the carpet, which was desperately needed.

My dream is to completely organize everything so that all of our respective materials/equipment are clearly labeled and easily accessible. Which may be a pipe dream with the Collector of Old Computer Bits but I’ll do what I can.

Ironically, while doing this I found some really pretty pieces of pale lavender and gold jacquard fabric which I apparently wanted to turn into a jacket, judging from the cut-out pattern in the same bag. Interestingly enough it’s the same pattern that I modified the sleeve for, so I’m going to make the modifications to the front and back I’d planned on making back in February, then put together a muslin and see if it works. If it does, I’ll make the jacket. The interesting thing will be finishing the sleeves, since I don’t exactly have enough material for them. What I can do, however, is cut out blocks of both fabrics, arrange them on some lightwight fusible web, fuse everything together, then cover the joins with decorative stitching. Hey, this jacket is already going to be particolored so I may as well go full harlequin with the sleeves while I’m at it.