The nice thing about knowing that I have weather migraines is that what helps regular migraines—caffeine, sugar, and aspirin—also helps weather migraines.

So I’ve been indulging in all three today (I must admit, the sugar is in the form of Blue Bell Tin Roof ice cream, which is my absolute favorite ice cream flavor and is only produced occasionally so I have to buy it when I see it. Then again, it’s really just vanilla ice cream with a chocolate ribbon and chocolate-covered peanuts so I should be able to make it at home). In any case the magic trio have allowed me to be relatively compos mentis.

Which was necessary because I had to go out and hit Joann’s for the stuff I need for the harlequin jacket (lightweight fusible webbing, some muslin to test the new pattern, and thread spools for the serger I’m going to use for the first time, whee), then stop at the store for dinner fixings et al. After that I came home, worked on Nicola’s WIP, and did a half hour on the treadmill while listening to Taylor and Rodan from Pod Is My Copilot talk about running a 10K at Disneyworld last weekend.

Have I mentioned that I would really like to do a 5K at some point? Because I really would. But to do it in 45 minutes I would need to maintain a speed of 4.7 MPH and walking at 2 MPH for a half hour leaves me dripping with sweat. I know, I know—I need to build stamina. I’m working on it.

In any case the clouds are most definitely building to the west and south so this migraine was spot on when it came to predicting bad weather. But it’s still sunny at the moment and the local rabbit families are making the best of things and scampering around on the front lawns playing tag (or maybe trying to make baby bunnies, who knows). While all of this is going on Jemma and Jasmine are absolutely fascinated and are watching from the front window. Those two are the hunters in the J Crew so it’s not surprising that they’re keeping an eye on “meat on the hoof” and making the occasional hunting chitter. I keep having to explain that there are even larger predators out there, including falcons that could carry Jasmine off, and they’re safer staying inside and eating canned food, but I don’t think they believe me.