In the garage on the bench, mainly. I have this pretty little triangular cab of dendritic quartz that looks like a moonrise over the limb of a planet, so I’m going to set it in sterling with three 5mm moonstone cabs along the lowest side. I think it’s going to be really cool and kind of mid-century astro-futuristic, if that’s a thing, when it’s done.

Once that’s done I have a laundry list of pieces to make:

  • a fossilized coral and citrine pendant
  • a set of garnet earrings
  • a plume quartz cloud pendant
  • a set of chrysoprase earrings
  • a set of faceted carnelian earrings
  • remake my larimar and aquamarine pendant

I also have amber and red tiger’s eye cabs to turn into earrings, then once I’m well and truly back into the swing of making jewelry I’m going to build single gallery settings (single-layer circles or ovals with prongs soldered on to hold a gem) for five flower-carved labradorite cabs and link them to form the bracelet from Shadow of the Swan. That one is for me because it would cost at least $200 if I wanted to sell it.

Once I’m comfortable with fabricating gallery settings, I’m going to practice making double gallery settings, then start setting some of the faceted stones I have. I have a beautiful lab-created spinel and ruby, a natural moldavite, and two amethysts that I’d like to turn into earrings.

So yeah, between this and writing the Nicola stories I’m gonna be rather busy for the next couple of months.