And a most blessed Beltane to everyone who celebrates.

As for me, I’m plowing ahead with all of Nicola’s writing plans and grabbing time at the jewelry bench whenever I can, in between trying to keep the house tidy and trying not to worry every time I look at social media. Luckily I can have long talks with Lyndon and I always feel a bit better after that.

The ironic thing is, we could hit the lottery tomorrow and have more than enough money to keep us comfortable until death and protect our families, and I’d still be worrying about climate change, the health of trans and gay kids in the US, everyone in Ukraine, and all the other crap going on around the world. My friend Ann Mayburn posted this on her FB:

A grandmother speaking about the future; “I am terrified for my children… but I’m simultaneously wanting to experience grandchildren. I don’t know how to share that with them.’ It was simultaneous hope and fear.

I have found the word that describes my feelings on climate change. It’s a new word, invented by a pair of ladies who try to invent ways to express ourselves in this ever evolving world. They turned to Italian, combining the word nonna (grandmother) and paura (fear): nonnapaura. A word describing the fear of not for yourself, but for your grandchildren and the world they will have to survive in.

Anyone else have nonnapaura?

I know I do.