So it looks like I have to put together a very, very low four figures in a month to pay off the HVAC repairs. I choose to look upon this as a challenge more than a hardship.

Towards that end I will be heavily promoting all of my jewelry, books, my book cover design skills ($100 for ebook and print cover plus six promotional banners/images—email me for more details), and next weekend I will be setting up a PayPal Business account so that people can buy jewelry directly from the Belaurient Arts page here and signed books from both me and Nicola (payments are processed through PayPal so all you’ll need is a credit card).

To be honest, it was high time I switched into small business owner mode for all of my income streams anyway so I’m not stressing about this. As long as I keep good records (and I do), pay my taxes, and get the accountant to square everything away at the end of the tax season I should be okay.

What I really need to do is learn more about the mindset of a successful small business owner; what do I need to focus on, what I should look out for, tips and tricks that will make all of this work better for me. If you have any book recommendations, let me know.