So here I am, busily loading in Nicola’s no-longer-in-KU books into Vellum to prep them for wide release, when I discover that, wahey, apparently formatting does not always transfer over perfectly. So if only part of a paragraph is italicized in the Word doc, there will be instances where the entire paragraph gets italicized in Vellum.

Which means that I now need to go through each damn manuscript and check for formatting weirdnesses. And of course since I’m in there I really should check for any spelling/grammar/punctuation weirdnesses that might have slipped by my editor, my betas, and me.

So instead of popping a Word doc into Vellum, doing a quick pass to make sure the pages have the correct categories, and uploading the results to B&N, Apple, Kobo et al, I now have to play editor for *counts* eleven manuscripts.

Oh, did I mention the hellacious hailstorm that hit my neighborhood this afternoon? All the weather services said that we might get some rain and maybe a thunderstorm, no biggie, so I didn’t bother to put the car into the garage.

We got quarter-sized hail, people. The pool looked like it was boiling, and my car is now ever so lightly dimpled. Hopefully most of them will pop out with the application of hot weather, but the one time I don’t rack the car in the garage…

And people wonder why I drink.