Since I’m in the process of setting the bulk of Nicola’s books wide I figured I’d do the same for my alt history mystery novel A Most Malicious Murder, my short story collection Random Realities, and the two anthologies I manage for my crit group.

Mind you, the bulk of them were already essentially wide—AMMM was the only one that had ever been in KU. But I realized that neither the short story collection nor the anthos had been uploaded to Google Play. Well, we can’t have that, now, can we?

So AMMM is now fully wide, as is Tales From a Lone Star (A Future Classics Anthology Volume One), and I’ll be creating the Google Play versions of Random Realities and A Lone Star in the Sky (A Future Classics Anthology Volume Two) later today.

Then I get to go back to the nine pending titles that still need to be converted and uploaded. This indie publishing gig isn’t for the weak, I can tell you that.