Which means that I’ll be spending it writing, working on Nicola’s upcoming Patreon (an exclusive short story every month, sneak peeks at WIPs and behind-the-scenes looks! Levels to get ebooks, print books, and book boxes with swag and goodies! Plus there will be at least one level where you will get everything plus a handmade piece of jewelry from me), and planning the Sekrit Project (more on that in March).

I also need to call the vet and make the yearly appointment for J.J., and sometime this week I have to gird my loins and call Spectrum to cancel our cable (because they jacked up prices and we simply don’t watch anything on cable—practically all of our TV watching is done on streaming services) and T-Mobile to switch the Brit and myself over to their 55+ plan. I truly loathe having to call companies but it’s what needs to be done so I’ll grab some knitting so that I can do something useful until a representative can help me. Plus that should save us about $200 a month, which we really kinda need right now.

I’m also going to start looking at Indeed and see if there are any contract tech writing or instructional design jobs going in the area. I don’t want a permanent job, but if I can pick up some contract work here and there it would be a good thing (I really want to send Lyndon home for a week to see his family and me bringing in some sweet, sweet contract money is the only way I can do that right now. I mean, unless Nicola sells a shit-ton of books this month).