Part of it is because it’s going on 10:52 AM and I still haven’t had breakfast yet.

Instead, I:

  1. Got cleaned up and dressed
  2. Put away clean clothes
  3. Sorted through old clothes and tossed a lot of them into a garbage bag
  4. Took out said garbage
  5. Came back in and cleaned up the pile of cat hork I’d stepped in while taking out the garbage (thank you, Jasmine)
  6. Unplugged all of the Christmas lights (we keep them up until Epiphany/Orthodox Christmas, don’t @ me)
  7. Put fresh bedding on J.J’s bed
  8. Added a pee pad under the towel on the other set of cushions on the futon (because for reasons known only to her Jessica decided to camp out in J.J.’s spot last night, forcing him to move to the other pair of cushions. If this happens again I don’t want him peeing on those cushions)
  9. Wiped down and bleached the counters because someone in this house leaves orange pop rings on the melamine counters, don’t ask me how
  10. Checked my sales for the day
  11. Posted promo on Twitter
  12. And wrote two blog entries.

Man. I really do need to go eat breakfast, don’t I?