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The Pale Blue Eye Director Discusses Working with Christian Bale - Netflix Tudum

As a writer, it can be a little frustrating to see projects with similar premises to your own work getting optioned and turned into movies. Which is why I may have screamed a little when I saw the trailer for The Pale Blue Eye, because the moment I saw Harry Melling I thought, “Holy God, that’s Edgar Allan Poe, which meants this has got to be a mystery story set during his time as a cadet at West Point.”

I may have cursed as well, I don’t remember. Granted, this story has few similarities to A Most Malicious Murder other than the fact that both have Edgar Allan Poe as a main character, fictionalize a part of his life, and deal with murder. But still, my Inner Taskmistress is currently screaming at me for not doing more to get Murder optioned as a film, especially seeing as streaming services are hungry for content. (Trust me, working for yourself is not as easy as it sounds.)

So I’m going to do my best to tastefully ride the coattails of The Pale Blue Eye in order to drum up interest in A Most Malicious Murder. Because Mellie has cats to feed and they like the GOOD kibble.