It’s done. And I am freshly out of the shower with no makeup on and my wet hair twisted up and still drying so ignore that in favor of the lovely tailoring job I did on this dress.

Which almost didn’t get finished. Yesterday was a day of ups and downs—broke the last two machine needles on pins, had to pull out the bobbin case so that I could extract the broken needle point and bent pin, ran to Jo Ann to get new universal, knit, and denim needles (I thought using knit needles on this knit dress might be a good idea and denim needles are for the next project—for some reason I have a huge amount of leather needles, don’t ask me why), came home and ran out of the thread I was using only to discover that I had not one but two spools of a color that was only a few shades darker and actually matched the fabric better, and finally finished the dress around 10 PM. The Brit came out to see it and said, “Well, clearly we need to go out dancing soon. You’ll have to teach me how to dance, but it’ll be worth it.”

Seriously SO happy with how this fits. I need to keep an eye on for sales on jersey and stretch velvet so I can make more in different colors!