I’ve been fighting an uphill battle against carpet moths, which despite their name eat other things than carpets. Any sort of natural fiber—wool, cotton, linen—is a salad bar to them, as I discovered during the Christmas freeze when I went to get my lovely (and muy expensive) sweater I’d made last year out of Malabrigo Rios yarn and found holes punched through it like it had gone through a sprocket.

We have mothballs in our closet now, as we do in the downstairs guest room, and they certainly seem to be doing the trick. But apparently I need to put them in my office closet as well because I pulled out some denim fabric for a project and I found one of the little bastards fluttering around on it, plus another wafted past my face while I was selecting a podcast for my listening pleasure while I sewed.

Since I need to run to the store tomorrow anyway for korma sauce for my experimental chicken korma Chelsea buns, I’ll pick up one of the hangers then and shove it in there. My office will reek for a few days, but I can always open a window and if it means I won’t have any more little winged office mates I can deal.

Oh, the project—I’m making a black denim jean jacket. The denim is embroidered with gold fleur-de-lis and should look fantastic once it’s done.