More sewing stuff ahead to veer off if you’re not interested. I promise, I’ll go back to writing stuff this week.

So I’ve been spending the evenings working on this black jean jacket, as you do, and I’ve been trying it on at points to make sure it fits. Earlier today I noticed that the shoulders were hella wider than I needed, to the point where it wasn’t so much a drop sleeve as a plummeting sleeve.

I grabbed my very favorite jacket that fits me like a glove and measured the shoulder width. It was a full 2.5″ shorter than the jean jacket pattern. Knowing that this might be a huge mistake, I sketched in the necessary correction curve into the fabric and cut it out, then sewed in one sleeve.

I’m now grateful that I’d added so much extra fabric to the sleeve because damn, that was a challenge getting it fitted into the new curve, but I got it in. Unfortunately, there now seems to be a fairly large bulge of fabric immediately behind the armhole. I’m going to put in the other sleeve and see if that reduces it; if not, I’ll look into methods of pulling it in somehow.

I really wish I had a tailor’s dummy that matched my own dimensions. One of these days…