I have no idea why, but today I was absolutely overwhelmed with the urge to make a cover for the food processor so that it coordinated with the cover for the stand mixer.

Which I didn’t show here, did I? I bought a little over a yard of prequilted fabric years ago for a knitting needle organizer, then during my Finish All the Projects planning I realized it would work much better as a stand mixer cover. Took a couple of tries to get it to fit just right (added a smaller back and took in a wedge at the top to fit that) but I’m quite pleased with it. And yes, I made the piping myself and designed the pattern.

Anyway, the food processor cover. As you may remember, I bought the fabric the same day I had the Code Brown at Joann Fabrics. It was impossible to find more fabric to match the stuff I used for the stand mixer cover (believe me, I tried) so I decided to go with a coordinating green floral to go with the kitchen’s white curtains with green leaves and purple grapes.

What that meant, however, was that I had to quilt the fabric myself. It was a little time consuming but no big deal—the underside is the same fabric I used for the piping and I used a basic diamond pattern for the quilting. At first I was afraid I’d have to quilt the entire yard and a half of fabric, then I had the brain wave of cutting out the front parts to size, layering them on batting and backing that was a little larger, quilting each piece individually, then trimming to size before sewing up the cover. It worked nicely and I didn’t have to wrestle a huge wad of fabric through my machine, which is always a plus.

And yes, I know this is a little extra but the covers keep the machines clean and ready for use at a moment’s notice instead of getting splashed with stuff when I’m washing dishes and slowly accumulating a layer of dust. I have a bunch of extra daisy fabric so I may make a cover for the blender as well. If this means I’m turning into my grandma, so be it.