Dallas got whacked with a bit of a winter storm as of yesterday, and today we woke up to this.

That’s not snow, by the way. That’s ice. Apparently we had freezing sleet come down this morning according to the Brit (even got thunder sleet in some areas of Collin County), and the back yard is currently a winter wonderland. I can hear the crows arguing out there and I’m tempted to toss out a batch of peanuts for them.

Luckily for us the power and heat has stayed on (not always a guarantee in Texas as we learned in February 2021) and the temps will slowly start going up tomorrow afternoon until we get rain and temps in the 40s on Thursday. A sunny day on Friday with temps in the 50s should clear away any last traces of ice. We’re stocked up with pretty much everything we need (although I wish I’d picked up more bread flour) so technically we don’t have to go out until Friday if we don’t want to.

In the meantime, I’ve got books to write and chicken curry Chelsea buns to make tonight, so I’m set.