As you remember, Bob, 2023 is the year where I am determined to complete all the half-finished projects in my closet. I have extended that to include the purchased and not-yet-worked-upon projects stashed in the craft room because hey, why not?

As of today I have completed:

  • The Pacific Sunset quilt top for my niece
  • A green velvet dress for myself
  • A black jean jacket
  • A stand mixer cozy
  • A food processor cozy

In progress:

  • The Garden Paths quilt top (which should be done by next week)
  • The South of the Border wall hanging

Coming up:

  • Quilting the Pacific Sunset, Garden Paths, and SotB projects
  • A Log Cabin wall hanging with fabric I got from Arkansas
  • A formal jacket in rust red twill (bought the fabric in 2009 for another project and it will make a faboo jacket)
  • A Grandmother’s Garden quilt (kit)
  • A Sunflowers quilt
  • A He Brought Me Roses quilt
  • A Cathedral Windows quilt (kit)
  • A black and silver dress

Then there are the multitudinous bundles of associated fabric that I bought with no idea of what to do with them except they were cute. I think I’m going to start making either wall hangings or lap quilts with them and give them away to readers (because I don’t need any more bedding in this house).

Don’t even get me started on all the yarn. No new yarn is entering this house until I’ve finished all of the sock projects and made at least one sweater to replace the one that the moths ate.