As is our wont, my friend T and I went out for coffee today (well, she had coffee, I had thai milk tea with boba) and afterwards I got her to got to Daiso with me. For those of you who don’t know, Daiso is the Japanese equivalent of a Dollar Store, only the stuff is of much better quality and they sell EVERYTHING you could ever need, like the old variety stores did. I walked out with four nice cereal bowls, two sets of drawer organizers for the bathroom, a bottle of raspberry tea, and a little cafe table and chairs set that’s foot to the inch and will work perfectly in a dollhouse at some point, all for $27. Anywhere else I would have spent that much on the bowls alone. T came back with a nice haul as well, and we’re planning on visiting the Korean BBQ place next to Daiso some weekend.

After that, though, my energy level fell through the floor. I made a batch of tarragon chicken salad so we could nosh on that for dinner, then basically hid in my office from the cats (I know, I know, but sometimes I need alone time) and picked at the Garden Paths pieces. When all I want to do is put my head down and take a nap on my sewing table, I know something’s wrong. So I’m heading off to bed early tonight in the hopes of nobbling whatever this is.