I went to bed last night at midnight and pretty much stayed in bed until 3:00 PM today, barring the occasional bathroom visit. My throat feels rough but doesn’t hurt, I’m still really tired but managed to clean the bathroom, start various loads of laundry going, and straighten up the kitchen so I can’t be that badly off, and I took a COVID test that came out negative. Hopefully whatever this is is responding to rest, lots of liquids, and aspirin as needed.

Apparently the Brit isn’t feeling too peppy either so we may have the same thing, whatever it is. I figure I’ll order a pizza tonight, relax, and get another early night, and hopefully things will be better tomorrow.

Int he meantime T gave me a most unexpected compliment yesterday. We were standing at the coffeeshop counter waiting to give our orders when she gave me an odd up-and-down look. “Are you losing weight?” she asked.

I said yeah because I’ve been losing a little and I think the kefir is helping to regulate my gut so I’m not quite as bloated as I’ve been. “I can tell—your silhouette is smaller when I’m looking at you from the side.”

So I’ve got that going for me.