I am clearly feeling better. Today I:

  • Did the usual cleaning and loads of laundry for the Incontinent Cat
  • Ran to Daiso and picked up four sets of drawer organizers (shown above and VERY pretty)
  • Vacuumed out and organized the remaining shallow drawers in the master bath
  • Edited two chapters of the current WIP
  • Spent all day upstairs and missed the reminder about Future Classics tonight so I had to send in my crit late
  • Made chicken Alfredo for dinner
  • Adjusted a sleeve pattern to fit my upper arms
  • Cut out the pieces for a new jacket (rust red twill and SO gorgeous)

Plus it was 72°F out there today and utterly beautiful so I opened all the windows and got some fresh air into this place. Of course, tomorrow it’s going to be in the 50s and rainy but that’s Texas weather in February for you.