So I am sitting here dripping sweat and counting down the last moments until I have to go put cream in the Italian wedding soup and call it done.

Why am I dripping with sweat, you ask? Because after prepping the soup and setting it to simmer, washing the dishes in the sink, and wiping down the counters I:

  • Washed the Ancient Cat (now a daily event) and put ointment on his ouchie butt
  • Stripped the old bedding and pads off the futon and put down fresh pads and bedding
  • Did it again on one side after a clean J.J. squatted and peed on the fresh bedding. *sigh* It’s what he does
  • Shifted a load of wash from the washer to the dryer
  • Added the dirty bedding plus other laundry to the washer and started that going
  • Pulled up the pee pads and litter boxes in the breakfast nook
  • Tossed the pee pads
  • Swept and mopped that corner
  • Put down fresh pee pads and the litter boxes
  • Cleaned the water bowl on the breakfast nook table and refilled it with fresh water
  • Refilled the water bowls at the food station with fresh water

At some point after J.J. has headed to the Rainbow Bridge, I would very much like to get rid of the litter boxes in the breakfast nook and be able to use it as an eating place once again. We had to put a litter box there for Jasmine when she first came here and insisted on sleeping on the counter because 1) it’s on tile and 2) it was within easy scrambling distance from her bed, but now she sleeps on the Bachelorette Pad in the library which has its own litter box and there’s a box in the downstairs bathroom as well. I would also like to be able to walk into my kitchen without being screamed at by a cat with dementia, but that will have to wait until J.J. heads off into the arms of Bast.