We’re catching just the very southernmost edge of Winter Storm Olive (and I am grateful for small favors), but now that I am a Woman of a Certain Age I can most definitely feel weather changes come in a few days before they hit. Quite apart from all my joints aching (still managed to wash the bedding and clear out the dead lantana from two flower beds, though, so go me), I’m just so bloody tired at the moment. I asked the Brit if we could forage for dinner tonight and he kindly went out and brought in a cooked chicken from the store, and I almost nodded off downstairs a couple of minutes ago. If my duvet wasn’t still in the dryer I think I’d give up and go to sleep right now.

And all we’re getting is a thirty degree temperature drop into the fifties and some rain. That’s nothing compared to what much of the rest of the country is catching. A friend of mine lives in Utah and posted pictures today of the ridiculous amount of snow outside her door (I am so grateful we’re not getting any of that).

And it’ll be back in the seventies here by next week. I ask you.