Here is a shot of Mexican Nights, made from the scraps left over from the Dia de los Muertos quilt I did for my friend E. The quilt is 4.5′ square and uses the leftover Virgin Mary motif from the bigger quilt, as well as some of the specialty fabric I’d used on the back and for the 9-block squares I’d done for that quilt.

This is also the biggest quilt I’ve quilted on my home machine in years and I can tell. Man, my shoulders are aching from managing that much fabric as I pushed it under the needle. But I like the way it turned out and I really like the wave motif I used on the lattices.

The hearts were all hand-drawn directly onto the fabric before quilting so they’re not perfect, but I like the way they look. They work as quilting motifs, especially on this 9-block square.